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Access and Weight

You are required to ensure the purchased Bathtek product dimensions allow for ease of passage to the intended installation area. 

Regarding weight tolerances of installation area, it is advisable to contact a builder or refer to Building regulations to ensure the product placement area has sufficient joist/floor support.

Can I use the smelling oils and bars that I have heard of with the steam function?

Yes of course! The steam outlet has a cap fitted to it. Simply remove this and you will find a gauze style plate for the bar/oils to sit into to give the steam any fragrance you wish. Oils should be used to soak a sponge to infuse the steam, as the liquid on its own will pass through the pod.

Do the units come with all the necessary piping?

Yes, the units have all the piping included. They have a flexible waste pipe located underneath the tub which must have an ‘inline trap’ fitted to it by your plumber, and he must also use a ‘McAlpine ST28M’ reducing connector to connect it to your current household waste pipe. The pipes to supply the various ancillaries on the unit are all connected to the back of the 3 way valve in the central control panel and not to the tub. These should all be labelled as to which ancillary they should be connected to such as the foot massage, hand shower, steam generator etc, and are all supplied with necessary 15mm connectors with washers in situ.

How do I clean my steam shower?

Bathtek steam showers have a fitted Ozoniser. When this Ozoniser is running all other ancillaries will cease to operate such as the radio etc. On some models the o3 (ozone) is automatically activated after the steam process is complete (others have an option button to select the mode). The o3 function makes a low whining sound when active. Ozone kills bacteria, germs and viri and helps minimise their build up. Once the ozone process has completed (with the doors closed), yu should open the cabin doors and allow the shower to FULLY dry.

Cleaning of the acrylic and glass can be done using NON ABRASIVE cleaning products suitable for acrylic and glass use. CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN using products that are damaging to the chromed parts. We would recommend that a mild detergent is used on the chrome with a soft cloth and then buffed up with a dry soft cloth to dry and polish. Use of certain reactive products and metal cleaning product should be avoided. If your chromed work tarnishes, or comes away this is typical of hard cleaning solutions.

Applying a suitable bead of sealant on the inside joins when building the cabin will minimise such areas of build up. Cleaning the cabin or whirlpool is best done with a solution recommended for acrylic surfaces and glass cleaner on glass surfaces (non abrasive, non acidic etc). If your unit has a Whirlpool, then it is recommended that you clean the whirlpool system frequently using a suitable solution, such as those sold by 

How do the electrics work and what is required?

The Steam units require a 13 amp isolated fused spur. if the socket is located in the bathroom or a standard 13 amp house socket if you are running the flex out of the bathroom into another room. The Whirlpool Combi Units require 2 sockets as above. The sockets must have their own separate RCD to isolate the unit if required, but the flex supplied with the unit has an inline trip defence system integrated within it also. The power is converted within the unit to operate the lighting and radio etc to a safe 12 volts.

How does my delivery arrive?

Your delivery (if over 30kg, ie Whirlpool baths, Steam Shower cabins, shower cubicles and some larger parts) will be delivered on a pallet. It is important that you check and inform us of any weight restrictions that my mean a large lorry (over 7.5 tons) cannot get you property. This also includes, long driveways. If you fail to mention any delivery restriction and the delivery cannot be made, there will be a re-delivery charge.

The delivery driver is only able to take the delivery to your doorstep (or as close as he can get to that point).

Smaller items and parts are sent either via post or courier. It is standard practice to send items up to a 750gms by post and larger items by courier.