Spares and Parts

We have a large range of spares and replacement parts for shower cabins, steam showers and whirlpool steam baths. Whether you are looking to replace a part, upgrade or repair, we have a range of the most common items fitted to AquaLusso, Cascada, Insignia, BPS, AquaPlus and other makes of shower enclosure.

Hand Showers, Monsoons & Parts

Monsoon rainfall shower heads available in a choice of sizes and shapes to match your existing overhead shower.

Other Parts

Shelves and other parts.

Remote Controls

Remote Controls for your Shower Cabin Electronic Touch Pad, Steam Shower Enclosure or Whirlpool Bath.

Shower Control Pads

Steam shower and Steam with Whirlpool baths have electronic control pads / electronic shower control panels to enable you to operate the lights, radio, ozone and all the other great functions.

Shower Door Handles & Knobs

Brushed Aluminium Door handles, Polished Chrome effect Door knobs and many more besides. We also have clear bubble handles and chunky chrome effect ones too.

Shower Door Wheels

Shower door wheel cams rollers. These are fitted to shower doors to enable the smooth opening and closing of your shower cabin doors.

Shower Valves and Accessories

Shower Valves and Accessories

Steam Generators & Electronics

Steam Generators & Electronics


Thermostatic cartridges, Thermo Cores, they go by many names but are essentially the same thing - Thermostatic Cassettes / Cartridges enable you to regulate the water temperature in your shower.