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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Access and Weight
You are required to ensure the purchased Bathtek product dimensions allow for ease of passage to the intended installation area. 

Regarding weight tolerances of installation area, it is advisable to contact a builder or refer to Building regulations to ensure the product placement area has sufficient joist/floor support.

Do the units come with all the necessary piping?

Yes, the units supplied with our bathrooms in Wigan have all the piping included. They have a flexible waste pipe located underneath the tub which must have an ‘inline trap’ fitted to it by your plumber, and he must also use a ‘McAlpine ST28M’ reducing connector to connect it to your current household waste pipe. The pipes to supply the various ancillaries on the unit are all connected to the back of the 3 way valve in the central control panel and not to the tub. These should all be labelled as to which ancillary they should be connected to such as the foot massage, hand shower, steam generator etc, and are all supplied with necessary 15mm connectors with washers in situ.

How do the electrics work and what is required?

The Steam units require a 13 amp isolated fused spur. if the socket is located in the bathroom or a standard 13 amp house socket if you are running the flex out of the bathroom into another room. The Whirlpool Combi Units require 2 sockets as above. The sockets must have their own separate RCD to isolate the unit if required, but the flex supplied with the unit has an inline trip defence system integrated within it also. The power is converted within the unit to operate the lighting and radio etc to a safe 12 volts.

I am using a Pump to increase my water pressure is that ok?

Yes, however you may find that the pump starts and stops when in operation and the flow; especially from the back jets is not acceptable, if this is the case then you need to remove the non-return valves (NRV’s) These are located in the diverter assembly. Follow the hoses that are the Hot and Cold water feeds into the unit, where they join into the divertor, unfasten them and then look into the divertor, there you will see the NRV, they are typically black or white in colour and held in with a clip.

I cannot get the glass side panels to fit into the curved frame; the glass seems to be too tall?
This is a common phone call we receive. The glass panel is factory cut, so will always fit, it’s just that it is a tight fit on purpose to seal the unit. To fit the glass side panels, simply loosen the screws at the top and the bottom of the vertical framework that hold it to the curved front rails, and this will give you the freedom to fit the glass into the vertical upright, then once you have done this, tighten up the screws to nip the curved rail back into position.
I have a Combi Boiler, will this be ok?
Yes, most Combi Boilers will output 1- 3 bar of the required pressure, but because you will be typically using mains pressure cold water, you MUST have a Pressure Equalising Valve (PEV) fitted. This ensures that water pressures are always balanced.
My acrylic looks slightly blue, yellow or cream
The acrylic on your shower can appear to be everso slightly tinted. The reasons for this can be several: The surrounding materials, quantity and mix of the acrylic compounds as well as its thickness can make the acrylic appear slightly biased to one hue or another.
My Plumber has never fitted one of these before, what assistance can he have?
All of our units come with both manufacturer’s instructions and a set of our own instructions, and of course our FAQ sheet. We have a technical helpline with staff available to guide your plumber through each step of the installation should the above not be sufficient.
My Whirlpool has just stopped working!
(Chrome whirlpool start button model only)
Move the cabin away from the corner and look behind/under in the location of the chrome switch you press to start the whirlpool. You should see a clear tube connected to the underside of the button and this should also be connected into the top of the whirlpool pump. Occasionally, due to the pressurised air passing down the tube it may come away from either end. We suggest you clean the inside of the tube with a cotton bud and spirit based cleaning solution and also the nipple where the tube attaches – this removes any grease and ensures it stays in place more securely. If the tube looks stretched at the end and does not secure well, you can cut a very small amount off (5-8mm), but ensure the tube will still reach. Once cleaned, reattach the tube and push the cabin back into position.
The doors are too short and I cannot get the runners into position?
This is also a common question. We have found that the doors are easier to fit if you only put the top cam runners on first at their lowest position and hang them in place, then place the bottom cams in the runners on the bottom curved rail, and slide the door over and connect the cam runner bolts on once you have the holes in the doors lined up with them. If they still aren’t close enough, check that the shower is level, as the frame could be twisted if it isn’t. Also check that the grey end caps on the two central vertical uprights are fitted correctly as they will force the curved rail upwards if not.
The units you sell seem to have a lot of great features, but are they all included in the price?
Yes, there are no hidden extras or accessories needed. All you need to do is provide cables to the connectors on the unit for the power, water, waste and TV if fitted. NOTE: Most of our steam showers are supplied with a telephone answer facility – this feature is NOT supported in the UK or by Bathtek.
There are a number of loose seals in the box, what are they all for?
Yes, there are no hidden extras or accessories needed. All you need to do is provide cables to the connectors on the unit for the power, water, waste and TV if fitted. NOTE: Most of our steam showers are supplied with a telephone answer facility – this feature is NOT supported in the UK or by Bathtek.
Using Sky and Amplified aerials
Aerial outputs from Sky and Amplified/Booster boxes can cause problems with the TV of the steam shower cabins. This is due to the fact that the signal sent is often accompanied by a voltage of about 5volts which interferes with the 12v that the steam shower uses. We therefore recommend using only a standard unamplified rooftop aerial.
What is the difference between the Regular and Deluxe models?
The deluxe model and regular model (for example 8004A and 8004A Deluxe) differ in that the control panel on the deluxe model is back lit and is touch screen.
Where do I seal the unit once it has been built?
We recommend sealing with a bead of clear silicone where the central control panel meets the back boards, and where the back boards meet the tub, but to leave the drainage channel clear for any moisture build up on the outside of the tub. It may also be necessary to put a bead of clear sealant along the top and bottom edges of glass panels where they seat into the frame. Finally, run a bead on the outside of the aluminium curved rail where it meets the tub, once again, leaving the drain chutes clear.
Why should I buy from Bathtek? I have seen similar units cheaper elsewhere.

Bathtek is a family run company and has been trading successfully for the past 4 years. In this time, we have grown and grown and now have a dedicated number of staff working for us to provide you, the customer, with the highest level of customer service and after sales support. We are well known for our outstanding customer service and are held in high regard by a vast number of satisfied clients. We also supply directly to a number of large retail and trade outlets, so have a solid financial standing and will most certainly not be disappearing overnight like some other ‘fly by night cowboys’ that operate similar companies on a ‘part time basis’.

We have sole UK rights on the range of showers we supply, so chances are, if you’re not buying from ourselves directly, you may well be buying a unit we have supplied to another outlet or tradesman. We tested a number of different steam shower suppliers to find the best and most reliable manufacturer, and we have stuck to our current supplier for over 3 years now and have never looked back. We would not sell a product to you that we are not confident in and could rest our own reputation on. So be rest assured that you are not buying cheap second rate units at a matching price. You will receive a high spec, well manufactured unit, at a fair price due to the level of stock we bring in, simple as that.

So why buy Bathtek? Its simple, speak to ANY one of our team, ask ANY question, research our feedback and genuine testimonials, visit our showroom and visit our website, and then you will see why Bathtek comes out top, time after time after time.

Click on “Contact Us” and let us know what your question is. We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. 

BEWARE of FAKE REVIEWS and Fake Review Websites. Research the company, its history and if possible visit them. If you cannot visit, then talk to them to decide if they sound like they understand your needs. Bathtek has a Showroom and understand the business of your bathroom very well, we have over 20 years of industry knowledge in retail and installing showers, bathrooms and whirlpool steam enclosures.

Your showers come with a 1 year ‘Return to Base Warranty’, what does this mean?

We are a supply only company and do not operate a fitting service for our units. If a fault develops with your unit within the first 28 days of your plumber installing that is not a fault of the way it was installed, we will cover any reasonable cost (upon receipt of Installation Completion Certificate) for your plumber to come back to you and rectify the problem. If any other fault occurs past the 28 days, we operate a no quibble warranty system where we will send any required replacement parts to you on a next day delivery service where possible, completely free of charge for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. (Please retain your original invoice number to validate this and your Installation Completion Certificate).

Can I use the smelling oils and bars that I have heard of with the steam function?
Yes of course! The steam outlet has a cap fitted to it. Simply remove this and you will find a gauze style plate for the bar/oils to sit into to give the steam any fragrance you wish. Oils should be used to soak a sponge to infuse the steam, as the liquid on its own will pass through the pod.
How do I clean my steam shower?

Bathtek steam showers have a fitted Ozoniser. When this Ozoniser is running all other ancillaries will cease to operate such as the radio etc. On some models the o3 (ozone) is automatically activated after the steam process is complete (others have an option button to select the mode). The o3 function makes a low whining sound when active. Ozone kills bacteria, germs and viri and helps minimise their build up. Once the ozone process has completed (with the doors closed), yu should open the cabin doors and allow the shower to FULLY dry.

Cleaning of the acrylic and glass can be done using NON ABRASIVE cleaning products suitable for acrylic and glass use. CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN using products that are damaging to the chromed parts. We would recommend that a mild detergent is used on the chrome with a soft cloth and then buffed up with a dry soft cloth to dry and polish. Use of certain reactive products and metal cleaning product should be avoided. If your chromed work tarnishes, or comes away this is typical of hard cleaning solutions.

Applying a suitable bead of sealant on the inside joins when building the cabin will minimise such areas of build up. Cleaning the cabin or whirlpool is best done with a solution recommended for acrylic surfaces and glass cleaner on glass surfaces (non abrasive, non acidic etc). If your unit has a Whirlpool, then it is recommended that you clean the whirlpool system frequently using a suitable solution, such as those sold by 

How does my delivery arrive?
Your delivery (if over 30kg, ie Whirlpool baths, Steam Shower cabins, shower cubicles and some larger parts) will be delivered on a pallet. It is important that you check and inform us of any weight restrictions that my mean a large lorry (over 7.5 tons) cannot get you property. This also includes, long driveways. If you fail to mention any delivery restriction and the delivery cannot be made, there will be a re-delivery charge.

The delivery driver is only able to take the delivery to your doorstep (or as close as he can get to that point).

Smaller items and parts are sent either via post or courier. It is standard practice to send items up to a 750gms by post and larger items by courier.

I can only get cold water from my shower, even when I turn the temperature up to full?
It is imperative that the pressure between hot and cold feeds going to the thermostat on the unit are balanced, if they are not, it will cause the thermostat to malfunction, check that there are no kinks in any of the pipework due to the way the unit is packaged, and if all of this is fine, call our technical line to arrange a replacement thermostat to be sent to you.

Replacement Thermostatic Cartridges are available from

I cannot get the vertical uprights on the curved rail to fit now that I have built up the framework?
From inside the cabin, you will see there are curved sealing strips screwed to the centre of the curved rail. Remove these, and you will be able to fit the uprights in at an angle, and then slide them into place to meet the fixed side glass panels.
I have a Gravity Fed Hot Water System, will this work the unit?
No, Gravity fed hot water is not at sufficient pressure. The units operate between 1 and 3 bar of pressure. We recommend a Twin Impeller Pump to be used so that the hot and cold water are sent to the system at the same pressure. To achieve the best results from your shower we would suggest you get a pump capable of between 2-3.
My Divertor valve is labelled incorrectly, when I turn it to the diagram on the plate, it operates a different function?
This is not a very common issue, but is easily resolved. Unfortunately, the pipes on the divertor valve can very infrequently get mixed up at our manufacturers. To resolve this issue, just swap the pipes at the valve end of the connection which are secured with a standard 15 mm connection and this will solve the problem.
My water pressures are good but I have very little water coming out of the shower?
Occasionally the washer fitted into the braided hoses can slip to one side and obscure the hole through which the water is meant to travel. Check the hoses/connections, especially those connected to the divertor block; these have built in mesh filters inside.
Regarding the glass in Bathtek Shower cabins.

All of our showers are fitted with safety glass. Safety glass has enhanced thermal resistance, and breaks into small cuboid fragments rather than irregular shards of glass and therefore is less likely to cause injury.

Safety glass often called tempered glass or toughened glass has a greater level of resilience to impact that regular glass under normal use, however it may be easily damaged/shattered if it comes into contact with hard surfaces such as tiled floors etc. Often the glass will suffer a chip on the edge, weakening it, but may just result in the glass shattering immediately. NOTE: Even the cuboid glass pieces may still cause personal injury. When handling the glass wear protective gloves, rest the panels on wood, rubber or several layers of cardboard rather than hard surfaces. When fitting, take care when hanging the doors, and fitting the cams (wheels).

During everyday use, always treat glass with care, sharp knocks, slamming of the doors etc can cause the doors to shatter or chip. If a chip forms it may weaken the glass and make it liable to shatter easier.

The Grey end caps for the central uprights are a very tight fit, what can I do to help fit them?
Place the end caps in boiling water to soften them. These are quite fragile and can be bent very easily, so we always suggest taking care when fitting these to prevent any stress marks occurring in the plastic which will affect the look of your shower when finished.
There are 3 chrome knobs on the control panel, what do they all do?
Yes, there are no hidden extras or accessories needed. All you need to do is provide cables to the connectors on the unit for the power, water, waste and TV if fitted. NOTE: Most of our steam showers are supplied with a telephone answer facility – this feature is NOT supported in the UK or by Bathtek.
What is the delivery time for units?
Most of our Bathtek Products are held in stock right here in our Harrogate Showroom and Warehouse. We aim to deliver within 48 hours direct to your door with a palletized distribution company. If we do not have the unit you wish to purchase in stock or you require a special order to be placed for you, the unit will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to arrive with you and you will be kept informed of your expected delivery time throughout this period as we receive updates from our transport company.
What Pressure is required to operate your steam units?
The shower requires between 1 and 3 bar of pressure at the unit to operate. For optimum results 2-3 bar is recommended. Please note that Bathtek Steam Cabins require a flow rate of at least 7.5 litres per minute. The water supply to the unit must also be balanced. You have several ways to pay for your orders.

List here the various payment methods you accept, for example:
• Credit or debit card
• Direct debit
• Cheque
• etc.

Where does the water and electricity connect at the back of the shower?
Water is connected to the shower at the diverter. The diverter is positioned approximately 1250mm off the floor (this can vary a little depending on model type). The unit comes supplied with hoses of approximately 950mm length for both hot and cold water supplies.
The 13a power supply is typically from under the base and has a cable approximately 1700mm in length.
Will the tub support my weight?
The tub/bases in our units are all supported by a steel frame, this means that unlike some other products on the market they will not bend and give when you stand in them.
Your showers have an Extractor/circulation Fan, why is this and what is required in my bathroom?
The fan helps to circulate steam and assist in the removal of steam after your have used the functions. We would recommend that the doors of the shower are closed after steam use and the O3 is activated for its 10 minute cycle, then once finished, open the doors and allow the cabins to FULLY DRY, this will minimise the build of dirt.


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